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There are many preschools in Cabo San Lucas but those who join Camino´s Kindergarten are happy and somewhat surprised to know that half of the day is spent learning in English and the other half learning in Spanish, with a teacher and assistant supporting each group. The children respond great and have a fun time too! The curriculum is skills based. We are currently a candidate school for the IB PYP program and look to implement the program in our K2 and K3 grade levels.

We also provide the following special classes:

  • Physical Education: Two classes weekly
  • Music: One Music class weekly
  • Art: One Art class weekly
  • Computing: One class weekly plus there is the use of iPads in the core classes



Kinder 1: 8:00am-2:00 pm.

Kinder 2: 8:00am-2:00 pm.

Kinder 3: 8:00am-2:00pm.

We ask parents to provide a healthy snack, avoiding chocolate, wheat, sugar and peanuts (due to allergies).

Lunch and snack are held in the classrooms.

Preschool in Cabo San LucasFridays are considered “toy and cafeteria day”. Students are allowed to bring a toy and we recommend that this toy does not have any special sentimental value or is expensive. We recommend between 20-50 pesos for the cafeteria.

The maximum number of students for each group is:

K1 20 (1:10 adult/child)
K2 24 (1:12 adult/child)
K3 24 (1:12 adult/child)

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