About Us

The Hawk es resultado del trabajo de los alumnos de la optativa de periodismo de Colegio El Camino, y publica historias en español y en inglés.

Nuestra misión es contribuir a la vida común de todos los alumnos de El Camino compartiendo historias que representen la experiencia, aportaciones y perspectivas de las y los estudiantes.

Creemos que a través de escribir podemos enfocar mejor nuestras ideas, preservar nuestra memoria, conocernos mejor unos a otros y generar debates más constructivos en aquellos aspectos donde existan diferencias para así aprender y crecer como comunidad.

Creemos en la libertad de expresión, en la diversidad de voces, en reconocer los logros de todas y todos en nuestra escuela, y en la investigación no sólo como medio de aprendizaje sino como camino a una vida mejor.

Principalmente, creemos que no podemos lograr nada sin nuestra comunidad. Si te interesa colaborar con nosotros, acércate al Staff o escríbenos a thehawk@elcamino.edu.mx.

The Hawk is made by student writers in the Journalism workshop at Colegio El Camino. It publishes stories and articles in English and Spanish.

Our goal is to contribute to our school community's life through sharing stories that represent the experiences, contributions, and perspectives of all students.

We believe that through writing, we can better focus our ideas, preserve our memory, get to know each other better, and generate more constructive debates on those aspects where there are differences, therefore helping all of our community learn and grow.

We believe in freedom of expression, in a plurality of voices, in recognizing the accomplishments of all in our school, and in research not only as a way to learn, but as the path to a better life.

Most importantly, we believe we cannot do any of this without our community. If you are interested in collaborating with us, please approach our Staff at school, or write us at thehawk@elcamino.edu.mx.

Staff Writers / Contributors

Kai Hugessen, 11th grade

Kai Hugessen has been a student at El Camino for over 10 years, all the way from kindergarten. Born in Canada as an English speaker first, Kai has interests ranging from Creative Writing, to History, Politics and Geography. He writes on many topics with varying levels of intensity, from satirical to full tirades. English is his main language but has also written pieces in Spanish in the past, and potentially the future. Writing is a passion of his, and he intends to make the most of this paper to help the people stay informed while honing his skills.

Salvador Venegas, 9th grade.

My name is Salvador Elías Venegas Gallardo, I was born on July 15, 2005. I like to play basketball and practice boxing. I really enjoy spending time with my family and friends. My goals in this newspaper are to be able to tell about everything new that happens at school, to give a voice to the students by sharing their stories, and thus encourage others to share their stories.

Also as personal projects I plan to write a book this year.

Advisor and Editor-in-Chief

Isaac Pérez Bolado

Isaac is the teacher for Business Management, Theory of Knowledge and MIC, as well as the Extended Essay Coordinator at Colegio El Camino.

As a student at the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) he had the opportunity to work as a reporter for The Prospector and other local media. The experience of researching, interviewing people, and writing real stories was so inspiring to him that he has carried those lessons ever since.

He believes being a reporter was life-changing.

“It trains you to pay more attention to your surroundings, it makes you a better listener and writer. It helped me develop my language skills immensely. "

He invites other students from El Camino to join The Hawk - just talk to him at school.