Colegio El Camino´s Elementary School annually is rated as one of the top Elementary schools in the state of BCS. Half of the day is spent studying in English and the other half day in Spanish with distinctive teachers for both programs. Our skills and inquiry based curriculum is transdisciplinary and is fully accredited with the IB PYP program.

The program is based on 6 Units of Inquiry that are co planned by the core Spanish and English Teachers along with the special class teachers and now include additional workshops

  • Physical education
  • Integrated information technology
  • Dance class in lower elementary and
  • Theater in upper elementary 
  • Art class


School Day from 7:25am to 2:30pm.

Recess starts at 10:30am

Recess ends at 11:30am

There are both academic and athletic after school activities. These programs are optional and have an additional fee.

Academic Academies run from 3:00 to 4:00pm and your child can attend as many of the classes as you like during the week. They include Art, English and Spanish support. Please contact our Elementary School Psychologist, Martha Ramirez for more information. mramirez@elcamino.edu.mx 

Afternoon athletics are offered and include soccer, basketball, volleyball, and preferential pricing for Golf at the Los Cabos Country Club. Schedules, costs and coaches are posted on our website. Please contact Ivan Mendoza our Athletic Coordinator for more information. imendoza@elcamino.edu.mx