At Colegio El Camino, we encourage students to explore their surroundings as a valuable part of a well-rounded and comprehensive education. We see these experiences as extensions of classroom learning, providing an ideal environment for students to apply what they've learned in a practical setting. Our “Salidas Pedagógicas” (educational field trips) program is a key component of our academic curriculum, aimed at addressing the challenges of our diverse and ever-changing world and allowing students to empathize and maintain an open mindset towards various social and environmental scenarios. The main goal of these excursions is to reinforce our students' values and their sense of responsibility towards society and the environment, which is one of our standards of excellence.


Raise awareness among students about the impact of their actions, or lack thereof, in the places they visit.
Generate in students a close relationship and understanding of local and environmental phenomena that surround us.
Encourage students' interest in acting in an environmentally responsible manner in society.

Promote skills and practical competencies for academic development.
Reinforce academic concepts and knowledge in spaces outside the school.
Encourage knowledge of different local contexts, combining fun and learning.

Offer the opportunity to get to know the country and Mexican culture.
Promote camaraderie by ensuring that students interact differently with each other and with communities of different cultures.
Create a pedagogical space for integration and coexistence that strengthens relationships within our school community.

Strengthen the students’ character, autonomy, personality, leadership, solidarity, respect, and responsibility both in rural and urban environments where they face challenges and personal learning experiences.

Some of the destinations for our trips are:

La Sanluqueña (farm)
Visit to the Fire Department

San Lucas History Museum
Hospitality Industry/Hotels
Glass Factory
Turtle Release
Whale Watching

Middle School:
La Paz
Cabo Pulmo
Santiago y San Dionisio

High School:
Sierra de la Laguna
La Ventana