Sports Teams

We stand out as one of the schools with the best and most active sports programs in the municipality of Los Cabos. For over a decade, our teams have consistently excelled in various competitions. Notably, our female sports teams have garnered significant acclaim, achieving remarkable success not only at local and state levels but also on the national stage. In both 2019 and 2022, our female high school soccer team won the national championship among all private high schools affiliated with the SEP. Additionally, they secured second place nationally in 2017 and 2018.


At Colegio El Camino, we have evening sports academies aimed at offering our students a variety of physical activities to comprehensively strengthen their skills, according to the psychomotor development of each section of our school. Additionally, we work on sports development alongside their values, discipline, and emotions.

What sports do we offer?

Currently, we provide sports training in soccer, basketball, and volleyball as extracurricular activities in the evenings at our school facilities. These activities are divided by age, grade, and for some age groups, gender.


In our training methodology for each sport, we focus on enhancing physical, technical, and tactical aspects, dedicating ample time to each. We carefully consider the age and physical condition of each group to ensure a balanced workload and foster the development of their physical abilities, motor skills, and fundamental techniques specific to each sport.

As for our involvement in tournaments and competitions, we have scheduled two consistent tournaments per team throughout the school year. Additionally, we aspire to compete in a national tournament for teams that demonstrate outstanding performance.

Sports Staff

The evening academy sports staff consists of 6 members:
Sports Coordinator: Mr. Iván Mendoza
Soccer Coach: Miss Esthela Galeana
Soccer Coach: Mr. Alejandro Ortiz
Soccer Coach: Mr. Andrés Amaya
Soccer Assistant Coach: Mr. Daniel Álvarez
Basketball Coach: Mr. Ramón Estavillo
Volleyball Coach: Mr. Adrián García