At Colegio El Camino, we are committed to promoting spaces that foster connections and interpersonal relationships between students and teachers, with the aim of focusing on the well-being of our community. To achieve this, we have implemented a mentoring program in the Middle and High School sections. The main objectives of this program are to strengthen bonds within the community between classmates and trusted adult teachers, to provide a safe space for students to share personal and learning experiences, and also to offer structured guidance and support covering academic, socio-emotional, and secure planning topics.

Additionally, through various activities and tasks led in the mentoring program, students reinforce the learning approaches and attributes described by the IB program, such as being thinkers, balanced, informed and educated, open-minded, caring, risk-takers, good communicators, principled, reflective, and inquirers. Therefore, we strive to promote a comprehensive experience for students and create a space where they feel safe, valued, and included.