In Camino´s Nursery school in Los Cabos, we promote and encourage the development of character and motor skills through the reinforcement of habits, skills and attitudes in an atmosphere of respect and trust, fostering positive self image and a sense of safety in the world around them. Our students respond very well and love it too!

We also begin our bilingual program with our youngest students, encouraging the use of both languages. The activities are presented half of the day in English and half of the day in Spanish with a different teacher and a teacher´s aide.

We also develop children skills in nursery school with the following special classes.

Physical Education: Twice a week.


School Day from 8:30 am to 1:30pm.

The maximum number of students for this level is 12 ( 1:6 Adult/Child)

We ask parents to provide a healthy snack, avoiding chocolate, wheat, sugar and peanuts (due to allergies).

Lunch and snack are held in the classrooms