November 13

The US Election: It’s over, but it’s only just begun.


Editor's note: US Presidential elections are often important world events, but in this case, this might be an understatement. In this piece, Kai Hugessen explains why in detail.

We here at the Camino Hawk believe in genuine journalism. Honest, unbiased and investigative. We don’t pretend to be the final word, but we certainly try to bring you the closest thing to the truth as possible.

However, on a topic such as this, bias and opinion are unavoidable. As much as I would like to give an independent look into the subject, this is a deeply important topic for me, and as such I cannot entirely recuse myself from judgement.

Be warned, take my opinions with a grain of salt and if I cast any doubt, be sure to investigate it yourself. That’s the best way to learn.

“This first week of November has decided American democracy.”

That is, admittedly, rather hyperbolic. It could very well be entirely untrue. But the 2020 American election has some rather high stakes.

Incumbent (that means he’s the current president) Donald Trump of the Republican party faced off against former Vice President Joe Biden from the Democratic Party. Both men have different visions about the future of the USA, and this past election cycle has had each of them make their case to the American people to vote for either.

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Donald Trump promised stability, law and order. His policies include methods meant to induce job-creation, economic resurgence and power projection abroad. His slogan is “Keep America Great”, a continuation of his previous slogan “Make America Great Again”. His methods of doing so have included tax cuts for the rich, stimuli for the nation’s farmers and strong tariffs (that means taxes) on foreign goods.

However, his administration has been pockmarked by scandals. Too many to count in fact. His detractors point towards his mishandling of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has left more than 200,000 of his citizens dead.

They also point out the instability of the stock market and unemployment rates, both major selling points for his administration. Equally concerning is his noted history of heavy-handed tactics in the projection of his power, including harsh crackdowns on peaceful protesters and shady political dealings to keep his own party in power.

To say the President is a mixed bag, is an understatement.

His challenger, Joe Biden, is the former Vice President under Trump’s predecessor, Barrack Obama. His campaign has been built around being “not Trump” in an attempt to court the population who dislikes the current president.

His policies include a strengthening of environmental regulations, a harsher stance on COVID-19 and a more even distribution of economic burden with notable tax hikes for the rich. While these policies have made him popular with more centrist and progressive voters, Biden faces criticism for his long history in government.

His infamous “Crime Bill” has been commonly denounced as needlessly harsh and discriminatory. Furthermore, he has made certain statements in the past that have been taken as off-color, isolating him from the minority populations of the country. Still, his campaign has tried to move past these mistakes, and the man has apologized for many of them.

This election cycle has been brutal. Supporters of both candidates have accused the other candidate of racism, dementia, being out of touch, etc. It’s been a race filled with hate, and with a record turnout for the polls so far, it seems that the election has come down to the wire.

No matter who wins, however, there is going to be chaos. Donald Trump has already been clear that he will refuse to accept the results if he loses and Joe Biden has deployed teams of lawyers to every state to counter any judicial challenges. The votes closed on November 3rd, but this battle could go on for another month. America risks falling into chaos if this is not handled well. And the future of the United States of America hangs in the balance.

To someone who needs to live in the world that comes after this month, that is terrifying. The most powerful position in the world and the most dangerous man on the planet are at stake here. We’re all coming of age in the aftermath of these results, and the effects will reach far beyond the borders of the USA. It’ll make it’s mark on every one of us.

I don’t want to be a alarmist. I don’t want to cause a stir. But learning about what’s going on north of the border and staying in the loop will only keep you more informed. These are trying times, and there’s a darkness hanging over us all. So… stay safe. Even if it seems far away, the troubles of the world will still somehow find a way to break in.

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