30 Jun 2022

Student Opinion: El Camino Should Consider Student Clubs

By Tasi Schneider

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article represents the views of the author, and has only been edited for clarity and to fit our format.

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Student clubs are incredibly underrated despite the benefits they can represent for to students. Clubs may have many different goals and purposes, but they all have
one thing in common: they help bring students together.

I believe that for middle school and high school students, clubs aren’t just something that would be entertaining or fun. They’re something very much needed. If we implemented a club system, or a Student Club Committee as an additional role to the Student Council, I believe that we could help unite the students of El Camino.

Right now, we have opt-in workshops and CAS projects, which are similar to clubs but have two main differences. First, student clubs are led mostly by students, unlike opt-in workshops. Secondly, they decide when and how to meet, and are completely voluntary; plus they could be open to all students, not just 11 and 12-graders. Finally, student clubs are not limited by the school’s schedule or tied to any requirement from the school or the IB.

Here are reasons why I believe that student clubs would be a great addition to our school:

One of the main benefits of starting student clubs is volunteer work. Depending on the specific club, some could help bring in positive volunteer work to help improve our school. This would be a great idea because it would help mold students to the IB profile, teaching them about being selfless and helping others.

For example, if there was a gardening club, they could provide fresh fruits and vegetables for the cafeteria. A literature club could organize book drives or help out at the library. A homework club could have volunteer tutors that help students that struggle with understanding certain subjects.

Not only that, but clubs would be a great impact on the community. If we added clubs, many of them could work to help improve Cabo San Lucas. There could be a club that focuses on volunteering at the animal shelter, taking care of stray animals and participating in fundraisers to try and encourage other students to help these animals find a home. There could also be clubs that volunteer at Casa Hogar or at soup kitchens, serving others. Another great idea would be an environmental club that would weekly go to the beaches and clean up all the garbage polluting them.

Another great thing about student clubs is role models. Clubs would be great at helping younger or new students at our school be inspired to take charge and join, providing them a positive influence. The older high school students would be leaders, role models and inspirations to other students, which will in turn help them
later in life.

You could also consider the many different learning opportunities clubs would provide. Student clubs could present alternative subjects and activities of interest that aren’t in the school’s academic program. This way, students could be encouraged to learn more and start new hobbies that they normally wouldn’t have access to during school hours.

And finally, for enjoyment. Students who participated in clubs would have access to fun activities that are educational and helpful for their community, all while being surrounded by their friends and fellow students. Learning new things, making friends, helping others and having fun are some of the many things that student clubs could help provide for our community, which is why I believe that they are
very much needed for our school.

Tasi Schneider is a 10th grade student at El Camino.

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